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Veterans at WellBound: Our November Members Doing Good

We have several Members Doing Good to honor and celebrate this month. This month, and everyday, we would like to show our special support and gratitude toward our WellBound members who are military veterans.

Here are some fast facts about our current WellBound veterans:

  • We currently have 14 members who are veterans.

  • They represent 3 of the armed forces branches: Army, Air Force, and Navy.

  • Combined they created 146 years of service to our country between the years 1957-2005.

  • With dozens of different stations from stateside to the middle east, southeast asia, and Europe, our veteran members have covered a lot of ground and have given us a lot to be proud of.

  • Stop by and check out our veterans display board to learn more about their ranks, specialties, and see some pictures of them in uniform too.

Thank you all for your service! Know that WellBound appreciates you for all you have done!

~The WellBound Team

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