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Awesome Member: Angie Sierralta!

Angie started coming to WellBound part-time with her mom Rita in 2018. Now Angie has joined us full-time and is one of our most dedicated exercisers coming to classes 4-5 days a week. She loves to sit in the front row and is always willing to help the instructors pass out equipment or pick things up after.

When she’s not being an all star in class she loves art of all types. Angie often brings drawings for the instructors and members. If you look around the front desk and bulletin boards you can spy some of her best pieces hanging up for all to enjoy. She also attends musicals at the Orpheum and Rose Theaters. Disney movies and music are some of her favorite forms of entertainment. Aurora is her favorite Disney princess and she would love to talk to you about yours!

Angie was born and raised in Omaha. She is proud to say she attended and graduated from Madonna School. She has taken part in Special Olympics Nebraska competing in swimming, bowling, track & field, and tennis.

When not in Omaha you can find Angie traveling with her sister and family. She has been to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Argentina, and Chile. Angie’s aunts live in Chile, she loves visiting and eating their traditional Chilean cooking. She is hoping to make it to Paris, France next.

Angie is celebrating a big birthday at the end of the month. She is excited to turn 40 and to celebrate with family!

Thank you Angie for being such an awesome WellBound member!

~The WellBound Team

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