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Low Impact (DRUMS every 3rd)
Interval Training


Total Body 
Circuit Interval
Strength Training
Balance and Bone Builder
Total Body & Brain


Strength Training
Tai Chi, Yoga, Balance
Total Body
Circuit Stations
Class by Registration
6:00 PM classes available by registration for more information visit the specialty classes page 

Class Descriptions

Classes are performed seated or standing (45 minutes)

Balance and Bone – A series of exercises for improving balance, bone density and lower body /core strength.

Cardio Circuit- This class is designed to improve your heart and lung function, blood pressure, energy level, endurance, coordination, memory, and stamina. Enjoy a variety of aerobics; including, low impact, dance, calisthenics and more heart friendly activities.

CIA - (Circuit Interval Activity) A mix of cardiovascular exercise, resistance, lateral training, balance and stretching stations.

DRUMS – A lower intensity cardio class that can be done standing or seated.  Benefits include brain fitness, increased coordination, and FUN!

Low Impact JaZumba – Rhythmic and fun but easy on the joints, this workout increases aerobic capacity, endurance, coordination, brain function and metabolism. A combination of moves and modifications from Zumba Gold, Jazzercise, Line Dancing, and many more!

Strength Training – Resistance tools such as bands, loops, dumbbells, and others are used to improve muscular strength and endurance

Tai Chi & Yoga – Improve balance, breathing, joint range of motion, posture and flexibility.

Total Body- A little bit of everything all rolled up in a fun and motivating class.   This class primarily seated.