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Personal Training

WellBound Fitness offers one on one personal training and a small group personal training class.

Not sure if personal training is right for you or how to pick a personal trainer? Consider the following questions and answers when making your choice.

Ready to start working with a WellBound personal trainer? Call 402-506-4333 to schedule!

Choosing a Personal Trainer

What is a personal trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve your fitness goals by designing and guiding you through your own individualized workout.

Benefit of having a personal trainer

Having a personal trainer means you will be getting a safe, well rounded, and effective workout every exercise session. Having a personal trainer also supplies you with a support system who keeps you focused, on track, and reaching toward your goals.

Education, certification, and experience


-Does the personal trainer have a degree in their field?

  • All WellBound personal trainers have college degrees in the health/fitness field.


-Are they certified by a nationally accredited organization?

  • WellBound requires all its personal trainers maintain fitness certifications through nationally accredited organizations, like the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine.

-Do they hold current CPR/AED certification?

  • WellBound staff maintains current CPR/AED certifications. Wellbound Fitness is also prepared to handle numerous first aid situations.



-Will the personal trainer complete a physical assessment prior to designing your program?

  • All new WellBound Fitness training clients receive an extended physical assessment to establish which areas you strive in and which areas need more attention. In addition to the physical assessment there will also be a health history consultation to learn more about your current and past medical conditions to determine what special considerations need to be taken when designing your program.

Goal Setting


-Will the personal trainer help you set goals?

  • Your WellBound personal trainer will listen to your fitness goals and help you down the path toward accomplishing them. After your physical assessment the trainer will be able to add to your goals by highlighting which areas need more attention. About every 6 weeks a reassessment will be performed to evaluate progress and to update your goals.

Designing your program


-Will your personal training session be individualized to your needs?

  • Your personal training session at WellBound Fitness will be completely specific to you and your needs.


-How often will your routine be changed?

  • In the beginning your WellBound personal trainer will have a variety of exercises to take you through. Routines are then changed regularly to avoid muscle injury and overuse, as well as, plateaus and boredom.


- Will your personal trainer listen to feedback?

  • Feedback is important to us when designing your program. We want to provide you with a well-rounded routine you are comfortable with and will enjoy.

Scheduling Sessions


- Is the trainer available at the times you need them?

  • WellBound Fitness will be sure to pair you with a trainer who is able to best meet your scheduling needs. Trainers are flexible and will have a variety of times available. Your exercise is important to us and we will make time for you.


- How do I schedule my first session?

  • Scheduling a tour will give you the opportunity to see the facility; as well as, meet the available trainers. Then we will take you through the steps of getting started.



- WellBound personal training sessions are 45-75 minutes long to allow for full body training. 

  • The cost is $68 per session

 * In home personal training is available in some cases, if you are interested please call to find out more.

 * We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you.

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