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September Member Doing Good: Tony P.

Tony has lived in Omaha for most of his life. Almost 10 years ago he needed to have a few surgeries and with that he decided it would be important to have more religion in his life. He decided to join the Knights of Columbus and since then has contributed to his community in many ways. They hold fundraisers for charities and of course their church, St. John Vianney. Being a Knight he is proud of being able to help other families in times of need and to provide comfort to members of the church and community that need it. He has risen to the rank of 3rd Degree in the organization and loves all the work that comes with that rank. He feels like he has gotten more out of being involved with the Knights than he could ever give back. He will continue to be involved for as long as he can.

Tony is also a Veteran with the US Air Force. He had the rank of Staff Sergeant and was a Medic in Vietnam from 1967-1971. From his time in the military he chooses to continue to serve people by volunteering at the VA Hospital every week. He has been helping out for 10 years and really enjoys helping the veterans and their families any way that he can. He works in the ICU waiting area helping family members who have a loved one in surgery or with any other hospitality needs. He likes being a comfort for people in need and would encourage everyone to volunteer their time to help in any way that they can.

Keep up the good work, Tony! We appreciate your service in the military and all that you have done since then for the people in your community.


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