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October Member Doing Good: Shirley R.

Shirley has been a WellBound member for 10 years. She and her late husband Lee joined after they were referred to us by Methodist Cardiac Rehab. Shirley is in her mid 80’s and contributes to our community in numerous generous ways.

Shirley is a member of Beautiful Savior in LaVista where she actively participates in several service groups. She leads a Life Group where she has opened her home to others for friendship and fellowship.

Preparing and delivering food for others in need and cancer patients is another group that Shirley organizes and orchestrates through the Meal Ministry program.

A few other ways Shirley makes a positive difference in the lives of others is through her participation in New Horizons group where she is in charge of setting up and decorating all the tables for events, cleaning up and doing dishes, and arranging for prizes and gifts. She also organizes and hold meeting for Merry Maids, Gateways To Life and other groups for senior singles and widows.

The Nebraska (Omaha) County Extension has also benefited from Shirley’s talents and services. She helps with fundraising, planting projects, events, and is a Master Gardner.

Yet another project in which Shirley actively participates is assisting refugees with obtaining their citizenship, job training, and providing paid work to help with resettlement. She teaches individuals the job skills of gardening, landscaping, and other tasks in order to acquire employment. She also helps with donations of furniture, clothes, and other items for those who need them.

Through her community service Shirley says she mostly enjoys getting to know others and learning more about Jesus.

Shirley is definitely an angel among us, and we don’t see her slowing down any time soon!


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