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National Nutrition Month

As many of us know, what we eat plays a key role in our overall health. Without the proper nutrition, we may become weak and/or sick. Fueling our bodies with the right food can help us perform our daily mental and physical tasks. Good nutrition can also help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. Quality nutrition is important at any age so if you aren’t prioritizing now, it is never too late to start!

As we age, some changes in our life may make it harder to eat healthy. These kinds of changes may include:

· Home life (living alone or trouble getting around)

· Medicines (which may change the taste of food or cause loss of appetite)

· Issues chewing or swallowing food

· Overall health (making it difficult to cook or feed ourselves)

With that being said, there are ways to keep staying healthy as we age. Be sure to eat foods with a lot of extra nutrients—this may include colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk/cheese, lean meats, and nuts. A colorful plate is a good plate! An important part to nutrition is to try and avoid foods that are “empty calories”. Empty calorie foods are considered soda, chips, candy, and baked goods. This is because these foods have little to no nutritional value. Everything is good in moderation! Be sure to also choose foods that are low in cholesterol and fats. Fiber is also important as we age. It is good for the heart, helps prevent diabetes, and aids in digestion. Drinking enough liquids is very important for our health! Drinking plenty of water or low-fat milks, for example, can help you stay hydrated. Not only is nutrition crucial, being physically active is too! Being physically active benefits brain function, balance, and bone strength. It is recommended that older adults engage in moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 150 minutes a week and at least 2 days a week of muscle strengthening activities.

Don’t be afraid to try new foods or recipes! It is important to have a variety of foods that we enjoy! We also know that life can get busy, so meal prepping or having healthy snacks to grab on the go can be a great way to be sure we’re still getting proper nutrition. Let’s all motivate each other to eat healthy, prioritize nutrition, and stay active!

Happy National Nutrition Month!

~The WellBound Team

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