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Member of the Month: Jim Warren

Jim has been a member at WellBound since the spring of 2009. He saw our sign, at our first location, on his way for a golf lesson and decided to stop in. He has been a devoted member ever since.

Jim was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1937. He attended Dundee grade school and graduated from Benson High in 1955. After graduation he attended the University of Colorado for the next 4 years and received his degree in Finance in 1959.

Jim had been in the ROTC program for many years and right after his graduation from college his unit was called up and he was off to serve his country. He was in the Army for a total of two years and spent the majority of his time in Melbourne, Virginia. After his 2 years he moved back to Denver, Colorado and spent the next 8 years working for a financial company. He had to travel a lot for his job, but he really wanted to come back to Nebraska. He was finally able to do that in 1969 with his family and was happy to be home. Here he worked for PaineWebber, he sat on the board and was president for many years.

Since returning he has been involved in a number of groups and organizations. He was a part of the Rotary Club of Omaha, and Lions Club of Omaha for many years helping to build our community and city into what it is today. Having belonged to Bethany Lutheran Church in Elkhorn he helped volunteer for activities and fundraisers of all kinds. His favorite group to belong to was the Men’s Group at the Omaha Country Club. He met a lot of good friends and made some great memories.

Two of his favorite all time life memories? Jim has hit two hole in ones in his golf career!

When he is not at WellBound, he and his wife Diane like to go out to different restaurants with friends and enjoy their time together. He also likes to visit his daughter in Arizona and his son in Colorado. If there is one thing in his life that he is most proud of it is his family. His 2 kids and 4 grandchildren all received scholarships to go to college and he is so proud of all the hard work they have done.

Jim, we are happy you have stuck with us for all of these years and we are proud to have you in our WellBound family. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for us, your family, and the community!

-The WellBound Team

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