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May Member Doing Good: Joann Feller

Joann is very active in our Omaha community! She has volunteered for the city election commission for over 10 elections now. Her current duty is poll inspector, making sure things are running smoothly at her precinct and fielding questions and concerns. She rewards her team of poll workers by buying everybody pizza.

Joann is also representative for a woman in need of help managing her social security and Medicare benefits. Joann ensures that this person is receiving the benefits she deserves. She also makes sure she has safe living quarters, gets her to and from medical appointments, and helps her find access to programs that help her in other areas of need.

Joann enjoys working with young people too. She takes part in the Partnership 4 Kids program at Benson providing kids with mentoring and goal setting as they navigate through high school. Currently she is heading up a project to fill laundry baskets for the graduating seniors heading off to dorms next year. She is currently looking for sheet donations to go into the baskets. If you would like to donate speak to Joann or to us and we will get you in contact with her.

Recently, it has been Joann’s mission to find safer ways to dispose of used batteries. She found a company Call 2 Recycle who for a fee will take old batteries and see that they get repurposed into safe and useful way, like road fill material. She purchased a box for her apartment community to fill and recycle with. Everybody took part and they are now on to their second box! If you are interested in recycling your batteries in a safe way Joann is happy to share information with you. Catch her in the club or we can help you get connected.

In addition to all of that she also completes service hours with the kids in Benson’s “Key Club”, is a money counter for her church, St. Philip Neri, and joins trips with Adventures in Preservation (I highly recommend searching them, they do incredible projects!)

We aren’t sure how you find the time, Joann! Thank you so much for all you do to support our community, way to make WellBound proud!


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