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March Member Doing Good: Peggy S

Peggy has lived in Omaha her entire life. She worked in the school system for many years helping kids with their speech; she has since retired and is giving back to her community in many different ways.

For the last 5 years she has belonged to Thanksgiving Church in Bellevue, Nebraska and during her time there she has taken on many activities to help. She is an office volunteer, where she helps with whatever may need to be done for the church as a whole. She also teaches chapel lessons for the preschool kids as well as teaching Sunday school for the children after church. She loves working with and helping the children however she can and she has built many lasting relationships with so many of them.

Another thing Peggy had been doing before the pandemic started was going to the women’s prison on a weekly basis. Peggy along with a group of women would go to the Sarpy County Women’s correctional facility and bring the inmates Christian books to read and offer them a chance to pray with them. It is a way to give the individuals hope that they can make a difference and to help them stay on the right path. She really enjoyed doing this and hopes that they will be able to resume this in the near future. She knows that it helps some of them a great deal and would love to keep doing it.

Peggy really has done a lot since she decided to retire and she continues to help people in her church and her community any way that she can. We are very proud of the members that we have at the club and we are very lucky that we get to know people who are as caring as Peggy!

Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work!


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