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June Member Doing Good: John Bellavia

We have many members here at the club that go above and beyond to help others and to support their community. John Bellavia is one of those people. He has spent most of his life doing a variety of different things to help people and I want to talk a little bit about him.

John grew up in Long Beach California. He loved the beach and the nice weather and he stayed there until he decided to go to move to Nebraska to attend Creighton University. John graduated from Creighton Law School 1981. For the next 9 years he went on to work at a few different Law Firms and even had his own business for a while. He liked that a lot, but felt the need to do more, so in 1989 he went to work for the State of Nebraska Department of Labor. By 1992 he became an Administrative Law Judge. He served the people and the community to the best of his ability until he retired in 2019.

John has also been heavily involved with his church for many years. He and his wife Martha have been members of Saint Vincent DePaul since the church opened in 1996. They very much enjoy volunteering their time to help anyway that they can. John has been helping out at the churches food pantry for the last 2 years. He helps transfer the food from one part of the church to another and helps stock the shelves on occasion. He is there to help them with whatever they need and they help a lot of people in the process. In 1975 John became an EMHC(Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion) for the church that he belonged to and has continued to do that ever since. For Saint Vincent DePaul he helps anyway that is needed during mass, whether that is giving the liturgy or helping distribute communion. It takes a lot of time and work to stay this involved with his church, but he loves being able to help the people of his parish in any way possible.

Another thing that John and Martha both do during their free time is help at the election offices. They work alongside many other people to help ensure that the votes for the city of Omaha elections are counted. He said that it is a job that can be tedious at times, but he knows it is very rewarding to be able to be involved with the election process. The people who represent our city and state are very important, and this is a way to feel more involved in the process.

The Staff at Wellbound would like to thank John for all that he has done and continues to do for our community and our state. It takes a very hard working and caring person to do all of things John does on a weekly basis. We are lucky to have as many members as we do that donate their time to help others. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all that you do.

Thank you for listening!


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