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Health and Fitness Tips for Busy People By Anthony Schulenberg

Fitness is truly something that should not be ignored. It is important for people of all ages to get some kind of activity throughout the day. The problem for some is that they work long hours or they have kids and grandkids so it is hard to find the time to get exercise in. I will share with you some helpful tips for people who think they are too busy for exercise or activity in their day.

1. Making a list- Everyday make a list of the activities that you would like to do. It could be time set aside for your favorite TV show or a 15 to 20 minute walk. Put the items on your list in an order of importance and at the end of each day try to accomplish at least 3 things from your list. This will help you make sure you get some time for yourself and help clear up your thoughts from the day.

2. Less can sometimes be more- Most people think that they need to set aside at least an hour for a workout and if they know they can’t do a full hour they skip it all together. There are many short workouts you can do to help keep yourself stay active such as a 15 to 20 minute circuits. This way you always feel like you get some exercise in for the day.

3. Use a headset for your phone- There are many jobs that require you to sit for hours a day making phone calls. If you’re going to talk on the phone to someone all day use a headset. That way you can get up and move around while talking. If the job and day permits go outside and walk around while completing the call.

4. Working out with your kids or grandkids- Some people feel guilty coming home from work and then having to go straight to the gym. This means being away from their families even longer then usual. If you have kids or you babysit your grandkids it is easy to see that if you just go play with them you can get a great workout in without even realizing it. Kids have endless amounts of energy and they love it when parents or grandparents play games with them. Before you know it you have been running around and lifting them for over an hour and that is more then enough workout for a day.

5. Live an active lifestyle- If you are someone who really struggles to make time for activity, then, try to incorporate it into your everyday life. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, go for a walk together. If you have the means to walk to the store for groceries instead of drive, try it. You can still meet with your friends or family, but when you get together do something that challenges you or make a competition out of it at times. You can still do the things you enjoy, but change the way that you do it.

These tips will help anyone who thinks they are too busy to incorporate health and fitness into their life. Try to be creative and it never hurts to go outside your normal routine to help you work on your fitness goals. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you!

Thank you for listening,


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