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February Member Doing Good: Kathie L.

Kathie has been volunteering her time with the St. Vincent DePaul food pantry for the past two years, since its beginning. She is a member of the parish there and knows that this is a valuable use of her time and enjoys giving back.

Usually Kathie helps with distribution of food bags to the people coming through the line. She also has a hand in prepping the bags to be given. During this challenging time people are not able to come inside to pick out their goods so prepping bags and delivering them straight to cars when they drive through has become more essential to the operation. Kathie is even not afraid to endure our subzero temperatures to help!

Kathie enjoys volunteering with this group because she knows how absolutely essential it is. She has recognized just how many people are in need in our community, especially single older adults.

When Kathie isn’t volunteering she is helping out with the grandkids and getting them to and cheering them on at all their activities. She has been a WellBound member for 2 years and a dedicated class taker coming in multiple days per week.

Thank you Kathie for your dedication to the community, WellBound appreciates you!

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