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December Member Doing Good: Judy Varner

For almost 65 years, the American Institute of Architecture Nebraska chapter has honored people and businesses for achievements in architectural design. One of our very own members, Judy Varner, has received one of the honors this year. Judy won the 2021 Interior Award for her contribution to the Judy Varner Adoption and Education Center. This award is given for the best interior design plan for a business.

Judy has been working with the Nebraska Humane Society to create a space where animals can feel safe and be treated with compassion. The project is a 34,000 square foot renovation project that improves an existing animal shelter. The renovation consisted of building a new state of the art facility to be more accommodating for animals that have been abused.

The main goal when they started was to try and figure out how the design of the facility can help reduce the stress of the animals. The original design had several factors that contributed to creating a poor environment for the animals, such as poor prey/predator proximity, a lack of sound control, undersized housing units, and bad lighting. The response to recognizing these flaws was to focus on how they could eliminate the stressors; they achieved this through utilizing an animal centered design, whereas the animals needs were prioritized first and foremost. This ultimately helped to create a balanced and comfortable environment for the animals at the shelter.

Judy has been working with the Nebraska Humane Society for many years and her continued work with the organization is truly inspiring. She is very proud of the new space and how the design came together to create a sense of appreciation and love for the animals.

Everyone at Wellbound is very proud of Judy and all of her hard work.

Judy, we are grateful to call you one of our own! Thank you for all that you do!

Thanks for reading!


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