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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone mineral density and bone mass become reduced to very low levels. Although it occurs largely in post-menopausal women, there is an increasing rate of cases among older men also. When the bone becomes this compromised, forces that would normally be absorbed by the skeleton now result in fractures.

What kind of training is the best for increasing your bone strength?

Activities that stimulate muscle growth and strength gains also stimulate the growth of bone and associated connective tissue. Trainers generally refer to this type of training as "weight bearing." The following are important tips to guide you in your selection of exercises. Make sure that you get advice from a certified and degreed professional, who has had accredited training in exercise and osteoporosis, to develop a program that suits your individual needs.

The most common sites of fracture are in the spine, wrist and hip.

What does build bone density?

Strength Training with Moderate to Heavy Resistance

Some types of Yoga and Pilates

What does not build bone density?



Water Aerobics

What about medications that claim to build bone density? Beware of the claims made by drug companies, and keep in mind, they charge a lot of money for a pill that we all want to be a quick-fix. If it were only that simple! You will hear or read that "studies prove," which is very misleading. A study can have one person out of 1000 show a benefit, and the claim that the drug "has been proven" to build bone density can be made.

Unfortunately, this is not illegal.

Many studies are also short term, so the long term, potentially dangerous side affects of medications are not truly known. Medications aren't necessarily "bad," but not all answers come in a bottle.

Try exercising!

You will have great side effects, and if done properly with the advisement and design of a degreed and certified fitness professional with accredited training in exercise for osteoporosis, you will succeed!

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