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Golf Conditioning

A complete golf conditioning program is a year-round schedule that consists of 4 primary phases:

Pre-Season: six to eight weeks prior to regular season

In-Season: the period where golf is played multiple times per week

Post-Season: six to eight weeks after regular play ceases, and

Off-Season: the period between post and pre season.

Training strategies are different for each of these phases, and within them are smaller cycles of training which are part of the process called periodization. All of these components together make a successful exercise sport specific program.

The major components of a golf conditioning program include flexibility, muscular endurance and stamina, aerobic endurance and stamina, muscular strength, balance, stability, and coordination. Which component is focused upon depends on the season and the golfers individual strength and weaknesses. There is no "one size fits all" with golf conditioning.

When having a golf conditioning program designed for you, seek a personal trainer or strength coach who has a degree in the field, is certified by a nationally accredited organization, and has specific accredited training in designing golf conditioning programs. Make sure he or she conducts a thorough health history, researchers your orthopedic and other medical concerns if applicable, and completes a fitness assessment specific to golf.

After that, you are on your way to a variety of training periods for the different seasons, and a game that will make you proud to reveal your score!

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